Bookkeeping Management | Organization Members Financial Statements Guide | Bookkeeping Journey

50 years providing financial statements, etc. for clients (1971 - 2021)


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Bookkeeping Management (Partially exerpted from Bookkeeping Journey)
The main book 176 pages | Comprehensive understanding and management from Income Statement &
Balance Sheet with stories and tips. No previous experience necessary.

Organization Members Financial Statements Guide (Excerpted from Bookkeeping Management)
66 pages | Understanding financial statements at meetings

Bookkeeping Journey
162 pages | Diary of starting a business plus financial statement info


by Ed Wuensche

Bookkeeping Management's nuts and bolts approach can help make your business dreams come true with practical information. This workable approach comes from the author's (Ed Wuensche) over 48 years of experience working with many different clients and seeing what info is important for their business success. NO PRIOR ACCOUNTING KNOWLEDGE NEEDED.

  • 7 business stories ‒ lessons learned (pp 107 ‒ 114 )
  • 30 pages of tips, pitfalls with stories, info (pp 115 ‒ 145 )
  • Fast Track Income Statement learning (pp 1 ‒ 53 )
  • Fast Track Balance Sheet Learning (pp 55 ‒ 85 )
  • Verify your financial statements (pp 93 ‒ 96 )
  • And much more

The purpose of this book in addition to its tips, etc. is to help you understand your Income Statement and Balance Sheet to manage your business so that it thrives with all its success' associated benefits.

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